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CD Title: Reflections Of Love
Year: 2004
Record Label: DKM
Style: Jazz Vocals

Review: When lyrics speak the truth they become a prime example of the extravagant poetry of the American love song.
The torch has been passed and Sharyn Wynters brings torch singing to new heights with heat, style and sophistication.

The songs contained in this recording have obviously been chosen with great care. They are among the finest examples of music's high fashion. A lush string backing plus a myriad of crafty instrumental insertions embellishes Wynters most adequately. Her warm infusion of understated power only intensifies the electricity of her music.

"The Man I Love" Wynter's weaves a tapestry of exquisite longing, expressing the message of the Gershwins as it was truly intended. The aura of a perfumed New Orleans night is felt as Sharyn Wynters casts a magical spell ith the melody. She stretches out a bit as she phrases skillfully and directly from her heart to the listener.

"I Can't Give You Anything But Love"..Wynters pulls this old chestnut from the fire and keeps it hot with a jaunty strut for 3;24 minutes of pure delight.

"My Foolish Heart" is one of those songs with an underlying theme of sweet admonishments and an unforgettable melody. Sharyn Wynters smokes this piece with passion and elegance.

"They Can't Take That Away From Me" The verse is sung and then the hip finger popping excursion into Sharyn Wynters sweetly swinging mode begins. A South Beach cocktail couldn't be any cooler.

Sharyn Wynters possesses a unique style and a rich and luxuriant tone, her lyric interpretation is as good as it gets. The romantically inclined will have a field day with this album.

Sharyn Wynters is a singer of love songs that loves to sing and it is apparent to anyone that listens to this recording

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Tracks: The Man I Love, You Go To My Head, I See Your Face Before Me, I Can't Give You Anything But Love, My Foolish Heart, I've Got It Bad, Where Or When, I'm Through With Love, Go Away Little Boy, Where Are You, They Can't Take That Away, Smile, Always.

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Scott Yanow's review of Sharyn's November performance at the Universal Hilton. Scott's review appears in the current issue of L.A. Jazz Scene (January 2005):
"Cathy Segal-Garcia hosted 'An Evening Of Vocalists' at the Universal Hilton. With the tireless pianist Karen Hammack, bassist Michael Sourcese and drummer Jack Le Compte offering support, seven different singers of varying quality performed. Four were standouts. Ann Hilton displayed a sweet voice on 'Please be Kind,' 'Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered' and 'The Nearness of You.' Ann Mack, who should be better known, is quite a powerhouse yet knows how to make each note count as she showed on 'My Funny Valentine' and 'Bye, Bye Blackbird.' Cathy Segal-Garcia was in excellent form on 'Taking a Chance on Love' and a medium tempo version of 'My Ship.'

"However, Sharyn Wynters stole the show. Rather than just singing numbers, she also played a humorous character, one who made witty comments and told stories between songs. She controlled the stage from the moment she started and gone were any false beginnings or aimless endings; every chorus made sense. Among the songs that she made her own were a medium-slow version of 'Cheek to Cheek,' 'I See Your Face Before Me,' 'I'm Old Fashioned' and a dramatic 'The Man That Got Away.' It was a very impressive performance by a skilled singer who should perform in town more."

-- Scott Yanow
Scott Yanow is one of the biggest jazz critics in the music industry. He has 3 books out on jazz and is viewed as one of the jazz giants in the music scene.


Review is in the Oct. 1 issue of L.A. Jazz Scene
Sharyn Wynters is a new voice on the jazz scene although she has had a very interesting life. An actress who became a naturopathic doctor, a few years ago Wynters realized that her one main unfulfilled goal was to become a torch singer of romantic standards. “Reflections of Love” is her recording debut.

Ms. Wynters has a very warm and sensuous voice which is well displayed on 13 familiar standards. She is accompanied by producer Darryl Kennedy who plays all of the instruments including keyboards, brass and reeds.

Sharyn Wynters has a haunting and sincere voice and a real love for this music which included such tunes as "The Man I Love," "I See Your Face Before Me," "I Can't Give You Anything But Love," "Where Are You" and "Smile." This CD (available from is well worth picking up by lovers of torch songs and melodic standards.

















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